Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #16

(Originally published on May 02, 2007).

. . . actually, not quite an ArtPact, and I am shamelessly stalling here.

But - I have just received my very first recognition on a painting of mine, so I am quite excited.

There's a wonderful company that makes instructional videos and DVDs about art. They are called Creative Catalyst Productions Inc., and have produced some of the very best art videos out there.

I never knew they also hold online art shows. WackieM informed us about it last year, when I took the first portrait class with her, and urged us to post a painting to their 'Portraits' show. I was the only who had the guts to do it, and I posted the first painting of

Their next show had a 'Still Life' theme. Again, on a why-not basis, I posted a painting that I created when I took
Paintermon's "Watercolor Beyond The Obvious" class for the first time. The class in which we came up with 20 paintings of the very same still-life (Remember?).

Since I hardly ever do still-life as a subject, and that first series was of a setup of kitchen appliances, I chose one of my favorite paintings from it, and entered it in the show.

A week ago, I looked at their webpage, and saw that my painting, which used to humbly live in the 14th row (they order the paintings alphabetically, by the title), suddenly got upgraded to the second row!
And, it had a small text under my name saying "Honorable Mention".


I was beyond ecstatic, sent Emails to The JohnnyB, WackieM and DaskieM and another friend (who still does not have a blogname). Three of these good people replied with cheery congratulations, while DaskieM's response took me aback, as her email said in a very lukewarm font, "I am glad you entered a painting in a show. I remember this painting".

Now, that was cold. I mean, out of all people, how can DaskieM, who is one of the more supportive people I've ever met, and always encourages me about my art (except when I use too much purple) is so indifferent to this major achievement of mine?

Trying to find consolation, I looked at the website again - and lo and behold, all the awards have disappeared!
Only the Best of Show was till there. The rest, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards, Juror's Choices and Honorable Mentions have evaporated, as if they never existed. So much for fame, Eh?

I was totally confused, wondering if they've changed their minds. I mean, how typical! The first time a painting of mine gets mentioned, on the verge of awarded - and it doesn't even last 24 hours?

And I kept hearing the voice of self-doubt (which sounds just like my mom's...) in my left ear, "They probably found a better painting than yours" . . .

. . . But today, I received an Email informing me that the Winter art show is announced.

And yes,the Honorable Mention is still there, quite intact.
It's not an actual award, but still, having my painting being mentioned in a show that has over 100 submissions, well, I am happy!

You can see the show
here, and if you click on my painting there ("Kitchen Scape #6"), you can read my description and the juror's comment.

I guess they haven't found a better painting after all...

WackieM is telling me that I should get some fun art freebie in the mail.
I am hereby awaiting...

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