Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #19

(Originally published on May 14, 2007).

Yup - after many months of scraping what to post as an ArtPact, I am suddenly on a creativity spree.

Is it the spring that's sprung?

Is it the fact that after all the stress and lack of time, I decided to make time and put my art at the top of the priority list, while I can?

Or is it actually time pressure? I mean, next Tuesday I am leaving for 3 weeks in the Promised Land, and I only have so many days to be in my studio, of which I am making the most!!

On Sunday, I created another wonderful collage (which I cannot post here, as it's a surprise for someone in the holy land). But, in between collaging my self-portrait and that surprise, I kept feeling that it really is unfair that I neglected my favorite man... you see, it's been over 8 long months since The JohnnyB got the last page for his personal calendar, and this project got shamefully and shamelessly abandoned.

So, today, I made the page for May... May 2006, mind you, as he never got his May page (I know, I am lame!). Since I am hooked on collage now, and my studio is all covered with painted tissue papers, screwed-up brushes, paints, stamping tools and gloss medium (the latter is used for adhering the tissue paper to the surface on which I am collaging, and is then used to keep me busy trying to peel it off every part of my body) - I made a collage of him. Poor The JohnnyB, he got really allergic to something in the air since last weekend, consumed his Claritin pill every morning, and spent most of this weekend alternating between being miserable, cranky and napping.

"Spring Napping", Collage on matboard, 5.5"x7.5"

Now, on that calendar, each painting/sketch/collage is accompanied by a proper calendar page, with photos of the monthly theme. As this collage was drying in the sun (it was 4:30pm when I was done!!!), I sat at our nice shiny desktop, in order to create the calendar page, with the very same software I always used for that fun purpose.

It was then that I got a nice reminder that we now have Windows Vista, whose greatest hobby is to crash for no reason. That's actually not quite accurate; it's not that Windows Vista itself is crashing. Just certain applications.

Like the new and improved(?) Windows Mail (what used to be the highly stable Outlook Express), that now crashes at least 4-5 times a day, just 'cause it can, and I keep forgetting to save the Emails I compose after every 2-3 sentences, which enriches our usually-quiet neighborhood with loud juicy multilingual curses. OK, so I got used to this. But today, as I was trying to create the calendar page using the previously reliable MS "Picture It!" software, it kept crashing, as if we have Windows Vista or something - Ah, wait, we do have this delightful new product, lucky us!!!

I was way too pissed to go do it on the laptop, so - dear The JohnnyB, the full calendar page of the month of May '06 will wait, perhaps until I am back from Israel, or perhaps until Vista is stable (Ha!!! I kill me!!!).

Hasta la vista, Vista!

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