Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #30

(Originally published on September 13, 2007).

And in between vinyl and laminate, I got a break to go among people for one day.

A workshop is taking place this week, y'see. One that I really wanted to take, by an instructor from Michigan, whose work I really like and whose book is a wonderful inspiration and a great reference to keep your in line with the elements of design. And after the demo given by the instructor on Saturday, I REALLY wanted to take it even more, as he turned out to be a fun and funny guy, with a great sense of humor - plus an incredible teacher. So, The JohnnyB worked from home and set me free, so I can bask in the light of

It was fun to not be confined to the den with the music of hammers and compressors and the enchanting view of floorers butts wherever I look. Now, it's not that I am dainty or somethin', and I know these guys do work their butts off (ah, glorious pun); and yet, as amusing as it may be, you kinda get tired of such views, and you crave for some new scenery.

So, I got to take one day of that workshop - missed the first two , (which yielded some incredible results!), and the last two days that I will miss (which will probably yield even better ones).

At least I attended on the day they spoke of color, discuss different color schemes and be showered with some snippets of wisdom. After taking
MikeyB's workshop twice, nothing was really new to me.

And yet, in every good workshop you get a revelation of something that's always been there, a new light is shed, from a new angle, a sentence the instructor says - and all of a sudden, another piece falls into place with a nice 'click' sound. So that alone was worth it.

And - not only was it a blessed break from the floorers-sitting, but I also get to post an ArtPact even on such a week!

These little studies are of FergieJ. I already did a couple of versions of her portrait, resulting in a big
collage. Out of the 8 color combinations that HaffeyM wanted us to do, I did 4 quick ones in less than an hour. Not too bad, and it gave me some ideas about new directions. That's one of the great things about HaffeyM - he encourages to explore different styles and directions, rather than lock ourselves in one comfort zone and keep doing the same things, like so many artists do. This approach works for me much better!

The floor?

Ah, well, it's kinda finished. Today LamiS and LamiD are putting the baseboards and moldings and thingy around the hearth of the fireplace. If all goes well, they should be done this afternoon.

No mishaps, no big stories.

LamiS is a great floorer, I have to say. I guess everyone can lay laminate, but he does a lot of little things that show he genuinely cares about the end result. For example, he was shattered when he revealed that the white caulk he used on the baseboards in my studio does not go with the creamy color of the walls, wanting to run out and buy a different color of caulk. I had to reassure him twice that it's OK, and I will paint over it to match them all (as, there is no caulk in that color!). That, plus a couple of other resourceful things he did, is going to earn him a nice tip.

And, most important: it's looking good. VERY good, in fact.

And I am beyond sore now, as last night The JohnnyB and I put the cabinets back into my studio (LamiS finished it before the other rooms, upon my request, so I get my life back...). The JohnnyB attached them to the wall so they do not fall down during an earthquake. In fact, he did such an incredible job, that it's very likely they'll take the wall down with them...

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