Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #8

(Originally published on January 14, 2007).

The past week was, well, rough.
Emotionally, computerally, bureaucratically - you name it.

And, as much as I was determined to not let it all stop me from painting - it did. Big time.
I guess I have not yet reached the level of discipline that will force me to paint no matter what..
Which is why I'll never make millions as an artist, and thus depend on your generous clicks.

And yet - for those of you who do await to wash your eyes with some line, shape and color, here is something I did last year, for The JohnnyB's birthday.
It was his 40th, thus big, thus needed a special gift, thus I was paralyzed with no ideas.

Since I do not work, I felt weird to buy him something fancy and expensive (plus - I had no idea of anything expensive that would make him really happy), and so, I decided to do something that is more personal.
A calendar.

Yeah, I know - it sounds so lame, Eh?


It was the ultimate ego trip: a calendar that's all about him.
Each month he got a pack that had a calendar page with pictures of him, a small gift and a little sketch/drawing/painting made by yours truly, all around a certain theme.

And so, January was dedicated to The JohnnyB's number one hobby:
beer brewing.
Here you can see him rolling the carboy, with the beer sizzling inside
(or whatever it is that beer does in its pre-fermenting stage).

The gift that went with it was a voice-recorder bottle opener, on which I have recorded one of The JohnnyB's favorite sentences on TV.

Very nice, symbolic gift, if I may...

However, in his eternal talent, the JohnnyB erased the recording before even hearing it...

February was about another favorite thing: smoking...
The JohnnyB somewhat resented that particular theme.
But hey, if a person smokes almost a pack of cigarettes a day, well, it deserves to be documented.

The gift that accompanied it was a cigarette lighter, shaped - and sounding - like a fire extinguisher. Very cool, and very relevant.

March was all about yet another one of The JohnnyB's famous hobbies, which is best described as causing bloggable disasters under the excuse of being a mighty handyman.
This particular one is dedicated to
CherkyB, by the way and by the artist.

The little loving gift of that month was this T-shirt - which he never, ever wore, as an insulted protest.

But I compensated for it in April, with a cheery green sketch of him gardening, another thing he loves to do.

Due to the lack of success with the previous gifts, I simply went for a DVD from Netflix: The Constant Gardener. Real good movie, only not quite as pastoral as the name may suggest...

Then I came to a halt, following a traumatic visit to my homeland.

I only managed to get back to the calendar in July, in fond reminisce of our incredible vacation in the cook Islands, three years ago.
Here, The JohnnyB is happily tubing, being towed by the boat.
Minutes later, the joy turned into hysteria, as his hands were getting tired and he almost got launched into space, but the artist chose to portray the more pleasant moments of this ordeal.

For that month, the gift was a trip to Angel Island... can you tell I was starting to run out of ideas?
August was easy - our wedding.
We made it through almost four and a half years already - major achievement, Eh?

What gift?

The joy of having me as a wife was enough, I blissfully figured out, and skipped the gift for that month...

(I strongly suggest you do not comment on this one, The JohnnyB. Tread v-e-r-y carefully here!).

Now, if you've paid attention, you'll notice that I still owe the JohnnyB six more months on this calendar...
Good thing the first one due is in May!

And now, The JohnnyB's birthday is about to happen again: 10 days to go!!!
But, worry not, fair readers.
I already have a gift for him.
I think he's gonna like it.

And yes, I kinda stalled on this ArtPact.
Some may claim I cheated, even, as I did not post something I did this week.

Ah well... Sue me!

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