Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I wanted to paint.

I really did.


I even had the time.

But I didn't. Instead, I spent some quality time with my mat cutter, on the quest of cutting a double mat for a little bozzetto that I like a lot. A personal favorite, which I consider a breakthrough.

I measured twice - and once more for luck, while cursing the imperial system and its evil eighths and sixteenths of an inch that were lurking in every corner. (Are you ever gonna convert to the sane, metric system, people?!?). Using all my fingers, my tongue stuck out and my self confidence sliding down, I finally managed to cope with the calculations, feeling as incompatible as I ever did.

When I got to the cutting itself, I took special care to make the cuts flawless and clean.

I really wanted it to look perfect.

After all, it is not every day that I mat the very first painting I've ever sold!!!

Who'd have thought that
this little painting
would intrigue so many people, causing them to try and guess what's the story behind it? It was truly fascinating to witness all the interpretations, that went from nocturnal strangulation(!) through saving from drowning to a woman taking off her mask as she goes to sleep, no longer having to pretend.

Only one of my blog readers actually got what I really painted. A week later, she informed me she wants to buy it - and tomorrow it will be FedExing its way to her.

She claims she is very excited about this. Well, not as much as I am. It's a huge compliment when a person wants to own an artwork of yours. HUGE!

It's so encouraging, so rewarding to know that what you put on paper has touched someone to that extent - and at the same time, it's quite hard to part from it.

Which is why I am so glad it's going to a good home - - -
Blogauthor and Wheeler, hope you enjoy it!

I believe I can now be considered a professional artist. And I wonder - can I say I have a patron?

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Mike said...

Nava . . .Did I dream that I left a comment here congratulating you on your sale? Huh? What became of it? Or was it an email. I fear feebleness is creeping up on me! Regardless, Please take another bow! This is a biiig step. . . . .and I am sure the first of many more sales to come!