Saturday, November 24, 2007


This year, Thanksgiving was not only a wonderful get-together with good friends and great food. It also gave me a chance to take some truly wonderful photos and enrich my stash of references for potential future paintings.

After a couple hours of fun chatting and snacking on great appetizers, dinner was served. All the kids sat around the table, with steamy plates in front of them. They started giving their thanks (characterized by a wide spectrum that went all the way from family and friends to Wii...), as us grown-ups watching with gurgling stomachs.

I, as always, was on the hunt with my camera, working it like a machine gun.

The best photo was of MistyN. She was leaning her head on her hands ever so gracefully, listening to the others, and looking both pensive and amused. The light on her face and hands was perfect, her hands were just in the right pose - an irresistible sight.

I used to wait with new photos, thinking I am obliged to paint from ones taken earlier. However, WackieM told me that when she takes a photo she's really excited about, she goes for it right away, while it's still fresh in her mind. Makes much more sense, and I decided to follow the master's advice.

Here are the first two attempts -
small (5"x8") drawings, done with Tombow water-based ink pen and light washes.

There's a lot to improve (ahhhhh, hands are so hard to deal with!), but I do like the mood.

I am looking forward to give it a go with watercolor! Time to get back to some real painting.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!It was so much fun seeing the master's first steps in capturing the moment leading to these twin masterpieces!Thanks...