Friday, March 14, 2008

Meet Wilbur

Seen last week ago at Andronico's.

The JohnnyB was shopping for sausages for his lasagna, and I was exploring the butchery shelves, and stopped in my tracks when I saw this.

After several times of going back and forth, I thought "Oh, the hell with it!" and took my camera out. I just had to document this refreshing gem of creativity at a place you expect it the least.

The young guy at the counter grinned at me and asked, "Ah, so you've noticed Wilbur?".

"Huh?", I responded eloquently.

"Wilbur, my pig!", he explained patiently. (like, Duh).

Oh yeah, I've noticed, and informed him how totally cool I thought it was.

It's a shame I did not give him the URL to my blog, so he can see his artwork. It's also a shame I cannot remember his name either so I could credit him properly.

Next time I see a Wilbur, I'll be better prepared.

1 comment:

Tracy Wandling said...

It's things like that that make up for a lot of crap in life. Thanks for sharing. If you see that guy again, tell him to keep sharing the joy!! lol