Friday, April 4, 2008

He's Done It Again!

My birthday is coming up.

Next Sunday.

The dreaded 45.

Two days ago, a big package arrived at our house, and The JohnnyB hid it in the den, saying it's for my birthday. Despite my inquisitiveness, I got over my tendency to try and peek, until yesterday he mentioned that since we'll be going on a trip on Friday, and it's too big to take it with us, it might make sense that I open it now.

Long debate - and I decided to give in to my curiosity.

And that's what was inside:

The box said "Picture Frame", which made me pause with a questioning look (like, why would a frame come in such a huge box, and what kind of gift is it anyway!?).

But then I saw the word digital - and gave a huge cry of delight. For a long time, I've been saying how wonderful it would be to have a computer in my studio, so when I need to look close at a reference photo when I paint, I won't have to rely on just a print or run to the den to look at it. Of course, I can bring the laptop in while I paint, but, well, it's likely to get splashed by paint and stuff. Not a good idea.

This little wonder (made by Smart Parts Products) can display photos and is the perfect solution. It's not as precious as a laptop, so I don't need to be afraid of ruining it, plus has exactly the functionality I need. (It actually has more than that, as it can also play music and videos). I wonder if they ever thought of its value and use to painters.

This is so very cool!!!

The JohnnyB:

thank you,

Thank You,



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nava! Now that you have a new toy,it will be hard to
leave your studio.



Anonymous said...

ועכשף כווווווווווולם ביחד:
איזה חמווווווווווווווווווווד ג'ון

אחלה מתנה בסווידי.
חות של אפרימנשה.

Tracy Wandling said...

That is seriously cool! What size is the screen? I may just have to get me one of those! Now...get painting!! Happy Birthday!

Smiler said...

I couldn't figure out if you meant this Sunday past or the Sunday coming up. In any case, Happy Birthday, and forgive me if it's belated. You new toy looks like a lot of fun - I can definitely see how useful that'll be.

RHCarpenter said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Ah, the dreaded 45? Wait till you hit the terrible 51! haha Actually, if you have your art, you'll be fine no matter how many years pass by.