Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Self Portrait With Flower?

If anything, I find this quite sad.

Sent to me by Yev - Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I agree - elephants should be roaming through the plains enjoying themselves. Makes me wonder what's going on in her mind!

Still, better than cages and a circus!


RHCarpenter said...

Yes, putting these animals to "work" like this is still work for them. They don't have the conceptual ability to make art - but the tourists pay to watch and maybe the money goes for their care, one hopes. And everyone is getting into the act, even aquariums who have penguins "paint" pricey "artwork" that is then sold in the gift shop.

Anonymous said...

ואני חושבת - הכל אחיזת עיניים. רק בהתחלה ובסוף רואים ממש
ת'פילפילון ובכל היתר רק את אפו ארוך לופת צבע.