Monday, August 11, 2008

Her Hair

She sat there, alone.

A woman in her seventies. Her wonderful eyes emphasized by her penetrating, quiet beauty.

Waiting. For a friend, perhaps.

Well dressed with simple elegance, her hair perfectly done, save for some strands that took the liberty to get loose.

Natural and undyed, it had that silvery quality to it, which reminded me of my mom's hair that hairdressers refused to dye even when she asked them to. "There is no way I can make it prettier than it already is", they would always tell her. And they were right.

She sat there, austere, keeping to herself. Waiting.

I had to paint her.


Sandy Maudlin said...

There's such a sense of centeredness to her. I like that austere word too. Greta job and intriguing.

waving said...

O, jeezzzzz! I am now trying my fourth attempt at a comment!! Wordpress and Blogger do not like my wordpress indentity and pretend they have taken the comment. Then, I check and it's not there! So, I'm going with the google ID.

Phewwww! As I was saying...since my hair is exactly like this woman, I think you did a marvelous job. We always look so washed out! Let's see if this works now! Press Publish.

Vicki Greene said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment on my lighthouse. Well I just had to come visit you and I must say I am glad I did. You are able to capture personality on paper. Love "Her Hair" because it so reminds me of my grandmother and her beautiful hair. I am adding your link to my blogspot so that I can enjoy your updates. Thanks Vicki

Nava said...

Thank you, ladies

Sandy, Yes, centeredness is the right word for her!

Waving, silver hair is gorgeous - how can you look washed out when you have it?

Vicki, Welcome to my blog. Glad it evokes an emotions response - that's what I am trying to do with all my pieces, so i take it as a huge complement.

bonnieluria said...

Your sensitive, poignant painting really captured the essence of women of " a particular age and station."
What also grabbed me was your lovely description.

It created a familiarity about your subject that makes it seem like she's someone I too, know.