Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Upcoming Show

Still not really painting, but I hope for a change soon.

One of the big shows of the year is coming up. This year it's going to be a bit different, as - in addition to the usual show and reception, we'll be having an auction, with the sales profits going to the
Shelter Box Project.

And, with the judge and auctioneer being Stefan Baumann from
The Grand View TV show. Should be a very interesting reception.

Anyway - as I said in the previous post, we could each submit up to 3 artworks for this show for them to be juried.

Last week we got the verdict of who got in, with how many pieces.

All my 3 pieces made it, plus this one, a photograph that I am donating for the auction:

Since the passing year was a very non-painting one for me, I entered one painting (the serious dude shown at the top of this post - sorry, there was simply no way to photograph this painting in a way that will do him justice!), with the others being photographs.

Hey - photography is art, too!

The theme of the show is Earth Expressions, and we were asked to write something that connects the piece to the theme. With a great help for The JohnnyB, some cool titles and blurbs were created.

Hanging and reception is next Friday, as well as the awards announcements.

In my pre-Plantar Fasciitis days, I have volunteered to help hang the show. Need to see if my foot will back me up on that task.

Stay tuned.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Good to see you posting, Nava. I like the photgraphy and LOVE the ink sketch on Tyvek. Beautiful. Best wishes for a great show. said...

Dust to Dust? Did he die? Do you shoot your models?

Where is the show going to be? I may drop by if there is wine and cheese, and peanut butter and crackers, and some olives, do you suppose they will have caper berries?

Nava said...

Sandy, Thanks. I'd be happier if I had more paintings to choose form - hopefully this year will be more of a "Year of The Brush".

Bill, well yeah, shooting the models makes sure you don't get too repetitive. You mean to tell me you don't??!?

There will be wine and cheese - couldn't find caper berries that are good enough, though.

Holly Van Hart said...

Nava, wow, these photos are gorgeous. they are so interesting to look at because they present such different points of view.

i also like your smurf and paper bag. very fun and creative!