Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Some of you loyal readers who have been following this blog for the last year or so, have no doubt shed a tear (or two) when reading about our adventures with Dell and Microsoft.

From the dramatic demise of our old laptop that perished with a blow in my lap, to the quest for a new one, to the saga of the desktop who followed suit by committing suicide - - - and much, much more.

Yes, it's true that we got an almost-new laptop for free from Dell, but in the last couple of months, it started to show desire to join its brother in the laptop Heaven. Let's just say that staring at a frozen screen and having to reboot it several times a day has become an ordinary scene in our house. And, when this happens while reading email or browsing the internet (which, if I may say so myself, are relatively traditional ways to use a laptop), this can get to you. It sure was getting to my sense of humor.

And so, at the best of times, when economy is going for a forced landing, we found ourselves in need for a new laptop.

Several weekends ago, The JohnnyB mysteriously said, "do you trust me to buy a laptop?".

Now, y'all probably know by now that to know that The JohnnyB has many talents, but poker face is not one of them (in fact, he's almost as bad as LimaB - it's a tough call between these two). So it took me about 15 seconds to figure out he's going for real novelty this time.

And so, after many debates and considerations, after taking several weeks to decide whether we really want to make such a major step (with reboots galore along that time), I suddenly got an email from DiploK, about a special crazy deal on Apple laptops that are not the blow-your-socks-off-new-aluminum-unibody-multi-touch-glass-trackpad. As in, $400-$500 off.

OK, all we want is a good functioning laptop whose most useful button is not the reboot one. And because the evenings are getting cold, we don't necessarily want our socks knocked off. So this email came in the perfect timing.

Decision took place within 10 minutes.

We ordered on Sunday, and on Tuesday(!!!) afternoon, FedEx has knocked on the door and handed me this beauty: The Apple MacBook Pro! And it's gloriously silvery, not at all the white I was fearing.

Will this lead to a whole new saga?

- - - Will this bring The JohnnyB back to blogging after over a year of silence?

We shall see.


DiploK said...

You, m'dear, are too funny.

Anonymous said...

And you didn't share this buying tip with the rest of us?

Nava said...

DiploK, why thank you!

Anonymous, how confused you have left me! First, um... like... didn't I just do that sharing!? and second - how can I share tips with anonymous people??

Myrna said...

Welcome to the Mac World! You are going to wonder why you waited so long.

Nava said...

Well, Myrna, I have to say - I've been playin' with this toy today, doing email and stuff. So far, it's mostly OK, but I am going nuts with how differently it's behaving! Had to revert to the PC to calm down...

bonnieluria said...

Nava- congratulations on just making the move. It's a little bit like switching from automatic to stick but once you get taken by the intuitive properties of mac, you'll be glad you did it.

I went the same route last year and had some adjusting to factor in, but I love my mac.

You can tell a story! Always entertaining.