Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beyond Sad Women

MembieK recently mentioned to me, yet again, how she and I seem to be specializing in painting sad women. Somehow, somewhy, we do that. When you step into an exhibit that has our work, it's very easy to find our paintings in it. Just look for paintings of gloomy eyed females and - bingo! You can't go wrong.

So, I have decided to go beyond that. No more sad women. Many people don't like to look at them, and we do, after all, paint for the people, no? (hell no, but that's for another post).

Time to go for greener and much happier pastures, time to go beyond.

I went for a reference photo I took of Crow, an incredible model we had in the figure class 3 (or 4?) weeks ago.

When he stepped in, I couldn't believe my eyes!

He was the model every figurative painter who's after character dreams of: tall, dark and handsome, with dreadlocks and tons of personality.

He wore an outfit of Uncle Sam, with a stars'n'stripes suit and a very tall Uncle-Samish hat. He took wonderful poses, one with a guitar, one with a bongo drum; he told bar jokes and played the instruments while modeling in order to not get bored, and from time to time he pointed at someone and said "I want YOU" (did I mention Uncle Sam?) and was ecstatically happy with himself. Some people absolutely resented the fact that he moved a bit (right, Val?... :-) but I was beaming with joy!

And... and... ah, tears of gratitude flood my eyes... he announced "If any of you wanna take photos, fell free". Yup, at that moment I pretty much stopped painting and went into a frantic paparazzi mode. It's not every day that you get such an opportunity to take photos of someone who doesn't mind and doesn't try to over-pose, and looks sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

I haven't posted the 3 images I did of him in class (yet!), but last night, as the clock hit midnight and Suburbia was turning into a pumpkin, I decided that I just have to give it a try at home, working from one of the reference photos I took.

Now, in the photo, he was kinda falling asleep, looking apathetic, indifferent at best.

When I was done painting him, I realized that I have indeed went beyond painting sad women.

I have moved on to disappointed men!


Sandy Maudlin said...

Your painting sessions must be pure entertainment with you in them. I'm envious. And your dissappointed-eyed man is looking good. Let's see the others. Good job!

Nava said...

Sandy, Thanks!! And - well, yeah, they kind of are. Maybe I should start also getting tips from the class participants :-)

Myrna said...

Nice image! I was in a painting session with this model and he was dressed in calipso clothing, using his drums as a prop. Great looking, is right. I'm jealous you were able to get photos!

Nava said...

Myrna, Calypso clothes? Now THAT is cool! I actually had to get rid of his Uncle Sam outfit as it was too distracting. As for your photo-envy, Oh dear empress of amazing photos, sometimes it's my turn to get lucky. :-)

Belinda said...

Very nice, I like the changes you made, now leave it alone and move on to the bigger version.

Holly Van Hart said...

Nava, have you ever heard that (as a figure or portrait painter) you always paint yourself? for whatever reason, I see you (Nava) in this one. am i imagining things? do some of the features look like yours? please take another look and let me know! Holly

Nava said...

Belinda, Ah, how well you know me... OK, I'll let the brush down and step away from the easel, before it's too late. You are right - now that I got the first one out of my system, time to go bigger and looser.

Holly, yes, I've heard that and I am very aware of that - but haven't thought about it in regard to this one. Looking at it now - - - hmm... except for the dreadlocks and the nice tan, I think you might be quite right! And yes, needless to say, I also had the mood to match when I was painting it. said...

Keep going - I know you have a smile painting in you.

The sad ones you can peddle at the local watering holes where everyone is crying in their beer.

Nava said...

Bill, cool! I'm heading for the nearest watering hole. Sounds like I'd be a bestseller there :-)

Daniel Bruckner said...

I don't see disappointment at all. No, I see a man coming down from a sugar high.

Rhonda said...

And I hear there are a lot of them...
or he could have a headache from being slapped up side the head?!

Nava said...

Daniel, Always the romantic... so - I take it those are sugar cubes in the background?

Rhonda, could be.