Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sentence of the Year

The JohnnyB and I were having one of those conversations this evening, and it became quite profound and deep, dare I say on the verge of philosophical.

Bear in mind that when you have a true Minnesotan for a spouse, this kind of dialogue happens once in a blue moon. (And not just any blue, mind you; Manganese Blue!).

And due to that rarity, I was trying to get the most out of it.

At some point, I asked with sheer frustration, "So, I want to understand: why do you always have to be so damn logical???".

The JohnnyB replied, "because I don't like to lose control of my - - - "

" - - - emotions?", I interrupted (hey - I'm an Israeli. When we pledge allegiance, we make a solemn commitment to never ever let anyone finish a sentence!)

"No", he continued patiently, "I don't like to lose control of my state of mind", and - hesitating - he pondered, "Um... is that the same as emotions?"

And so, to y'all who wonder why so many of my paintings have women with this look in their eyes - I hereby rest my case.


Non-shittyterian said...

Logic rules!!

Nava said...

Non-shittyterian, dear! I was doing the countdown to see when you'll respond to this one.

Anonymous said...

He's lucky to wonder if they're the same. In my case my state of mind is usally at war with my emotions - e.g my cool mind tells me to get all my Christmas gifts made in October - my warm emotions keep dillydallying enjoying irrelevant fun things until December 23! Then the emotions have the cheek to beg the mind to work out a strategy to get out of the stressful situation!!


MBTM said...

Emotions and state of mind have a cause and effect relationship. i.e. emotions can alter your state of mind, unless you use a mask. And I should know, I am the Man Behind The Mask!

Nava said...

Valerie, since I'm not actively Christmassing, and thus have a waiver from all that gifting frenzy - I have no words of wisdom except for Good Luck.

MBTM, well, to me, they are the same. But yeah, masks are highly convenient.

RHCarpenter said...

Ah, Nava, I share your pain. I was once married to a man who was truly unemotional, but quite mental :) Notice I said was ONCE married to - I learned my lesson the 2nd time around.

Nava said...

Rhonda, well, this is not quite the case we're talkin' here... :-)

michael-and-jello said...

Logic is one of those things that separates us from other animals. Emotional mind is not the same as the opposite of logic. I'm not sure what the opposite of logic would be. There is room for both. But, when practicing the art of discussion - we tend to try to be reasonable (logical). Even a discussion of feelings can often be an exercise in logic. Or, perhaps, an exercise in patience.

Just another guy.

Belinda said...

Glad to see you are painting, the eyes in this portrait are very expressive.

Nava said...

Michael-and-jello, it's absolutely fascinating to see how men and women react differently to this post. This comment section is almost becoming an inter-gender survey.

Belinda, yeah, I manage to paint here and there. Thanks for the comment about her expression - I was trying hard to capture it. said...

That conversation sort of fell apart.

Jacquie said...

I love checking your blog once in awhile, you always have a way of making me laugh and smile. And because the Johnny B is my brother, I totally understand the expression on the woman's face in your painting!!
Love ya,

Nava said...

Bill, yeah, sort of.

Jacquie, you've just earned the title 'The JacquieB'... :)