Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Tis the Season #3

The East Coast is snowed in.

Luckily, Jet Blue is not letting its passengers go through the packing frenzy and drive to the airport just to discover that fact. They sent this email 7.5 hours before the flight, which gave plenty of time to rebook.

And so, no snow for us yet - we're still here, waiting for the snow to ease up a bit. Sitting in the rain. In the cold. Uphill. Both ways.

In the meantime, this is a painting I did at warmer times. A small study of a scene that's captured me.

I like this quirky color scheme that lends itself to a very different mood.

What's the story behind this one?

Well - that's for you to create your own.

Right now, it looks like this guy is wondering about the weather with a grain of concern.

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Chris Beck said...

I'm impressed with JetBlue. My daughter just spent 2 days in the Boston airport trying to get home to North Carolina after teaching a class last week. JetBlue (not her original airline) finally came through. Hope you have good luck getting a flight, Nava.