Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season #1

It seems that everyone is running around in frenzy these days. The parking lots are full of killer drivers, stores are packed people on gift quests, family visits are in the horizon - and there's an edginess in the air, a higher susception to cranky sprees, and - needless to say - this cheery spirit is getting to us all.

So, I figured that as a service to the public, I'd remind y'all (and us'all) of these simple rules of survival.

The first one was sent to me by David (thanks!). I found the second one and added it for balance, harmony, contrast - name your favorite design relationship...

And the counterpoint:


JohnnyB said...

There's nothing in there on "It's ok, get me the fire extinguisher" meaning "No, I don't think we need to call the Fire Department, just because our attic is filled with smoke, you can barely see me, and the fire is between me and the exit".

Or even the more common "It'll be OK", which means "It seemed like a good idea at the time, but hey, not all is lost, I get to go to the hardware store!"

Johnny "It ain't done till you've been back to the hardware store 3 times" the B.

Nava said...

The JohnnyB, yeah well... obviously, they haven't witnessed all your wonders (which can be found right here, especially the most unforgettable fiery.

bonnieluria said...

Is this just universally so true that it's almost cartoon like?

So we're not so different are we.

So funny.

Nava said...

Bonnie, Absolutely. I can attest that it's the same in Israel, and in Hebrew. said...

Great fun to watch.

Like your banner.

Nava said...

Bill, Glad to know.

Sentences short.