Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #21

(Originally published on June 12, 2007).

I'm back.

- - - We're back.

Landed Monday morning, after a very long last day in Israel and two endless flights (never, EVER take the morning flight from Newark to San Francisco! NEVER!!!! It's full of elite-status business travelers, namely selfish pretentious smug jerks who take all the space with their enormous multiple carry-ons and you end up being forced to check-in your carry-on with the precious and fragile stuff you carefully put in it. WTF happened to "one normal-sized carry-on bag per person", Eh???).

We're now working on recovering from the jetlag. The JohnnyB woke up at 3:15am yesterday, improved with waking at 4:30am today (and hopefully will reach normal time by next week...), while I seem to be doing fine, so far, waking up around 6:30am or 7am, and even that is just 'cause The JohnnyB is waking me to say Goodbye before leaving to work.

Our visit was filled with family, Hebrew, places, wonderful food, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat coffee (Ah, nothing like Arcafe!!!). We even had great beer at the Golan Brewery (I leave it to The JohnnyB to blog about this one).

On the other hand, it turned out into one of those visits that became family-confined, and so, unfortunately, of all the wonderful friends I have there, we only met with two couples. :-(

Lesson to be learned for the next visit.

Anyway - in a
previous ArtPact, I said I created a collage that I could not post. I made it for my sister, from a photo of her with her very first grandson, when he was 10 days old (this tiny baby is now a very sweet bright 4.5 years old). I gave it to her the first day I arrived to Israel, and - here it is, soon to be framed and hung on her wall.

Hey, I can now say that my art is collected internationally... ;-)

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