Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #22

(Originally published on June 19, 2007).

So, yes, I did go on that Hike & Sketch last Thursday.

It was fun, though it made me realize - yet again - that I am sooooooooo not a plein-air nor a landscape painter.

I mean, it was fun to walk around the park, be in the fresh air and the scorching sun (it was a hot day), wash my eyes with the views, and look at the various birds flying cheerfully or hanging out in the slough. But - every time the people I was with cheered, "Oh, let's stop here and paint this!!", I wondered:
"Paint WHAT?".

Don't get me wrong: I envy those who look at hills and grass and trees and make a beautiful painting out of them.

I can't. I can look at the most stunning vistas, take tons of photos, but I won't try to paint them. Been there, tried that - and failed. It just doesn't do it for me.

I'm the one who sees an interesting face, a unique outfit or just an intriguing person, and think, "Ah, I'd kill to paint him/her".

So, I did have fun that day. Yes, I sketched, but I am not very keen on what I came up with.

Until we reached the geese!!

We had with us a guy who's amazingly knowledgeable about birds, and in general, paints animals. He keeps trying to convert me from painting people to painting birds (why!?), and at the end of the hike, he gave us a quick lesson about bird drawing. I started off listening out of boredom, but - I have to admit, it was truly fascinating! I'll never look at a bird the same way.

So, after the short explanation and demo, we started to sketch the geese that were posing for us all over the place.

And finally, FINALLY, I did something I am happy to show here. These are merely very quick sketches, done in 1-2 minutes each (well, those geese move fast!), but - that's more like it!

"Shoreline Geese", Ink on Paper, 11" x 7"

And yet:

My name is Nava, and I am not a landscape painter.

By the way, all these sketches were done in the brand new sketchbook, which is my prize for the Honorable Mention Award I received on the painting I have entered at the CCP competition. They sent me this sketchbook, plus a pack of watercolor paper postcards, so I can paint my own on my next trip. Nice freebie, Eh?

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