Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #23

(Originally published on June 21, 2007).

"Oh no, not another ArtPact!!!", I hear some of you groan. "Three ArtPacts in 8 days? Is the woman crazy or what??!??".

Well, I'm back in the swing.

In the past week, I was seriously going through the usual post-visit Blues, which always involves a lot self-questioning, especially the contsant pondering "So - where do I belong?". It's far from being fun (Ha - what an understatement!). And yet, this time, it took me less than 10 days to get back to the drawing table.

I think I am getting better at this self-reboot thing.

Or, perhaps, it is the fact that our critique group meets once a week. This really drives you to paint, as almost everyone brings something to show, and you don't wanna be the only one sans a masterpiece, or at least some piece. Oh, and also, this coming Saturdays is the last class with WackieM, and though I can always excuse myself with "Well, I was in Israel", I don't want to go without homework.

Regardless of the reason - my studio got into the good kind of mess this evening; the mess that comes from working.

WackieM's previous class was just 2 days before I flew, and the subject was combining head and hands. Hands are truly difficult to portray, so I went for a relatively easy reference photo I took of FergieJ. Caught her in the middle of a workshop, several months ago. It's a cool photo, that captures her expression and really shows off her face. She is usually sweet and fun and cheery, but that workshop got to her, so it seems, and I got a glimpse of a more serious side of her.
In class, I started off with a simple drawing, focusing on where the hand meets the face (yes, I know... it looks like she is getting hit in the face with a fearsome communist fist... told ya: hands are hard to do!). I then proceeded to do a full drawing (which turned out a pathetic disaster, and thus shall not be posted. Hey, it's enough that I posted my lame attempts at plein-air...).

This image was simmering in my head the whole week, and today I decided that I really need to get my act together - so I started a collage (Yo, MichaelBains - you wanted more collages? There you go!).

Did a simple drawing on the matboard (I do my paper collages on matboards - a very nice surface for that medium), in order to have some guiding lines and shapes.

Took out my "palette" of the countless tissue papers (I now have over 60 different colors!), made my color decisions, and started to block in shapes.

I forgot how much fun it is!!!!!

As opposed to the previous collages I created, this time I did make sure to watch the direction of every piece I glue on, so it flows in a way that reads correctly. I also tried to be more careful with overlapping the pieces of paper - as these also matter.

Hmm... sometimes, the more you know more, the harder it gets.

Another thing which is very new to me: I reached a point where I was not quite sure how to continue - so I stopped. Which is a major achievement for me, as I usually rush to finish (remember? Aries = immediate satisfactions = me).

Not this time. I decided to let it sit for a while, let it dry (another thing my paintings/collages are deprived of...) and allow myself to continue tomorrow, when I am not so tired and when my eyes are not all bleary.

So, that's how it looks now. Obviously unfinished, with bits and pieces sticking all over, uncovered areas and many decisions to make. Thar's how it will be shown at the critique meeting - actually, they might give me some ideas of where to go from here. I like the way it looks now, but it definitely needs more work.

To be continued.

It's gotta be ready for Saturday...

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