Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #27

(Originally published on August 18, 2007).

Actually, not quite an ArtPact. Just sharing what happens when you go back to what you think was a perfectly completed work, looking it again with criticizing eyes, and thinking "Uh Oh! This is sooooooo unfinished!".

This kind of sobering up usually happens when you are just about to enter the painting into a show. And, today is the deadline for entering the annual show of the smaller organization to which I belong. That one is not Watermedia-bounded, so you can enter anything - which means I can enter my
very first collage,
which I did about 3 months ago.

Now, this show required you to submit photos, which will be juried. If you enter 3, you are guaranteed that at least one of them will be accepted. And, that is my top choice.

I was about to take a photo, but something about the collage kept bothering me.
Echoing in my head were the words of RabkieM, LimaB and WackieM (Oh yes, I hear voices!): "You should add line work in your collages!".

I kept refusing to do so, sticking to my one-medium-only purism, but last week I decided that without it, something is indeed missing. Putting the disappointed camera aside, I took a brush, dipped it in acrylic paint, and thoroughly enjoyed adding some finishing touches.

Luckily (if not miraculously), I stopped in time. Looking at what I did, totally loving the result, I was astonished by the difference that a few lines and touches of paint here and there can make. Apparently, being brave enough to take an OK painting one step further beyond safe can improve it significantly. (of course, some times it can totally ruin it... and in art, as in life, there is no undo!).

You be the judge of this slight makeover.


And after
(the title is courtesy of The JohnnyB):

"Bored Meeting", Collage on matboard, 15"x19"

Wish me luck with the juror!

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