Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #4

(Originally published on December 13, 2006).

...and - we are back with Nitzku.

Remember -
painting in a series and all?
So yes, it is the same picture, but it's a different panting.
Went for the realistic approach yet again, and this time I stayed more loyal to the proportions, so he looks more his age in this one.

There are things I like more about the
previous version as an overall painting.

But - I am much happier with the face in this one. No more welding glasses or looking like he has no eyes (as some people gracefully mentioned to me). Plus, he looks more three-dimensional here.

Amazing, how you paint and paint, you read books, you take classes, you listen to instructors, you watch them paint - but you keep straggling without success.
And suddenly, something hits you, and you just get it, right there and then. It's a wonderful feeling.
And that exactly has happened to me as I was working on this painting - I have seen the light about cheeks!
Of course, Nitzku is the ultimate model when cheeks are involved, so it was pure joy to finally manage to portray them as they deserve to be.

(Click to enlarge).

"Mommy's Hat #2"
Watercolor on W/N CP Paper, half-sheet (15"x22", 37 x 55 cm).

So I showed it proudly to The JohnnyB . . .

Wait, but this requires some foreword.

Yes, Artsy-Fartsy stuff (which is the term preferred by some of the maturity-challenged commenters, when relating to the highly profound eductaional art-related bits that I do here, as a community outreach...).

Y'know, I always find that one of the most fascinating things about art, be it a painting or a sculpture, a photo or a modern installation, a piece of music or a movie, a novel or
beer - whatever it may be, once it's out of the artist's hands, you lose control of it.

In the sense that those who see or hear it, will interpret it based on their personal life experience, their own perspective and state of mind.

Like, the JohnnyB claims Nitzku looks cranky in this painting.
As if he needs to poop, badly.

I rest my case.

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