Sunday, October 7, 2007

ArtPact #3

(Originally published on December 8, 2006).

OK, OK...

I admit: I've been stalling until now.

I've had all the good reasons: It's been a crazy week, I was sick, sleepless, over-stressed and busy.
And yet - a pact is a pact.

I actually started the second painting of Nitzku, and it's now reached that depressing stage of being beyond the start (so I can no longer cling to the convenient excuse of "Oh, it's just the first layer"), but not even close to be finished (and I have no idea how to continue).
If you are a painter yourself, you know this stage very well.

It's when you are sure you've lost every hope of ever painting well again.

That shall pass, but not today.

And yet, since I made a pact, I need to post something.

And, since I have nothing else from this week, I am reverting to the sketches I did yesterday at the Presentation Center paint-out.
While the rest of the group was capturing the wonderful landscape, I didn't even try.

You see, I'm one of them peoples that when I see an incredible landscape, I absorb it through my eyes (and the eye of LumiB), then I take a deep breath, and then I look around for people, so I can paint or sketch them.

That's me.

It's a gift

And a curse.

(and if you have no idea what I am talking about - go watch
.You'll thank me later.

Anyway - at the Presentation Center, BlaineyC told me that four Master Gardeners of California were working in the little golf course that was turned into a garden, so I cheerfully went there, asked their permission to sketch them, and spent 2 great hours with the group of four hilarious gardeners.

I did not produce many sketches (as they were way too fun, plus my favorite sketching pens decided to die on me), but these are the first two sketches I did .

Both sketches done on location, both watercolor and ink on paper.

And some footprints of a stray ant.

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