Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Thousand Words - And Then Some #13...

I'm back from the insanely-busy state of being, just raising my head above the water to get a quick gulp of air, so I can dive back in and on to the next thing!

Our Annual Show Reception took place on Sunday. A gorgeous, sunny day, which I dreaded, as I was supposed to hold a speech to the nation (well, to the part of the nation that came to the reception).

Like, on the stage!

- - - With a microphone!!

- - - - - - - - - - - In English!!!

So many people told me I did very well, and that I did not look nervous at all.

Well, that's why they invented cameras... The JohnnyB commemorated the event with LumiB, using the continuous/burst mode.

These photos are from right after I was done, and handed off to LambieL. They were taken within a time frame of 10 seconds or so... Can you hear the roar of relief?

After that, came the award announcement, which was pure fun.

And the First Place Award (out of 100 incredible paintings!) went to


- -

- - -


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Valerie M said...

....and you were worried!! Big Nava takes on the world and wins!!