Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth?

Not in this case.

Got this link from NancyBJ (THANK YOU for sharing!!!), and was stunned.

Click on a mosaic mural, then click on parts of them to see the paintings that make that part. (for example, choose the 'Trust' mural, and click on the horse's eye...).

Apparently, one artist, Lewis Lavoie, decides what the mural is going to be. He then has the panel painted by different artists who have no idea what the completed mural will look like. He organizes these murals, sells prints for fund-raisers, and then eventually, they auction off pieces of the mural.It's truly mind blowing.

This movie demonstrates how the United Nations mural mosaic was created.

And this explains how he is getting these incredible results.

I think I'll go explore this website for a day. Or Two.

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Anonymous said...

Further proof that art boils down to color, shape, value, and texture! While the overall image can still be seen, each of the individual paintings stands on their own merit. Amazing!!