Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Honor strokes my heart
I've been tagged by WackieM.
Where do I begin?

I wonder if I should just start calling her by her real name, which she uses on her blog, rather than this wonderful blog name I created for her.

No, let's stick with WackieM. Much more fun.

WackieM is one of the most incredible, creative and prolific artists I know, who never sits still. The woman paints from the heart and right brain, and once she gets her hands on anything that moves, grows, stands still or did not escape in time, she will use it to draw with, paint with or create texture. Wearing shoes with an interesting pattern on the soles? beware, as she will make a stamp out of them. See her standing with a camera and an angelic innocent look on her face? That means she's on a hunt for a fascinating face. You just never know...

WackieM is starting to get known and pick awards and other fruits of success that she deserves, big time. She is an inspiring teacher, amazingly generous with her knowledge and wisdom; she would share with you anything new and exciting she's just discovered, knowing that by enriching others, she is not taking away from her own art, as she keeps moving forward - - - and good luck trying to keep up with her! And - she is extremely funny, too.

Sounds like I'm sucking up to her, Eh? Naaaaaa. That kind of crap does not work on WackieM, as she is as down-to-earth as can be, with X-ray eyes for "art barnacles" (a phrase I heard recently and decided to adopt).

So, why am I so superlativic? Well, beyond teaching me to paint portraits, WackieM has inspired me A LOT, mostly as her work gave me the courage to not be afraid to put my soul on the paper and let it show. (can you tell?). She's the one who showed me that figurative painting (and painting in general) is not about likeness or the right shade of pink on the cheek, nor is it only about having the right color scheme or a dictated combination of design elements, but rather about my own interpretation and what I add to the painting, and that sometimes it IS about the subject. She kicks my butt whenever I am about to give up, pushing me to go forward, without trying to affect me to paint like anyone else but me. And that, my dear readers, is very, very rare.

Check out her blog, which she uses to share and inspire whoever wants to join the creativity journey.

Oh, the tag...
Once you get tagged, you share 5 little known facts about yourself and then tag 5 other artists, and link to their blogs. This is a fun way to learn new things and find new places to go for inspiration. Don't forget to let them know they are tagged.

So, 5 little known facts about me:

1. I was in the army. Yup, that's what you do when you turn 18 in Israel. Although I came back home every day, these were amazingly forming two years for me, with so many new people, places, and experiences, for better or worse. And yet, despite what some people would like to think, I cannot
kill with my bare hands.

2. I have a devoted relationship with food. As The JohnnyB likes to comment, many a waiter have almost lost their arms trying to take plates before I was done.

3. I cannot keep a painting pretty, clean or nice, even if my life depended on that. I always start with gorgeous washes and cheery colors, and soon enough they all get neutralized and tuned down, hard edges get blended together, complementary colors fall in each other's arms and stick together forever to create dark tones that take over. It's not me!! It's the brush!!!

4. I, uhm, like... ah, (be brave, Nava!), play the accordion. wait! WAIT!! don't start with all those accordion jokes! I played classical music on accordion since I was 12, under the guidance of a super-ultra-strict Russian teacher. She was the best, and taught me to play from the heart, rather than use the cheap tricks of squeezing whiny tones from that instrument. I made people cry in one concert, playing Monti's Czardas. Had to quit at the age of 18, when I went to the army (see #1), and my mom kept mourning the career opportunity I lost, as I could have become an accordion teacher. I was pretty good - and I keep hoping to someday, maybe, get back to it.

5. I danced Tango on stage at the world famous SeƱor Tango hall in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in front of an audience of 300 people who shouted "La-va, La-va" (it's Nava!). That was about 9 years ago, when we went on a hiring recruit from my company.

6. I know, I know, I always have to do extra. Here's a 6th fact: although everyone keeps telling me how great my English is, I wish upon a star that the whole USA (at least the people I come in contact with) would learn to speak and read Hebrew. I mean, it is so much easier for me, so it's just gotta be easier for everyone. No? Please?? Anybody???


And now to the tagging.

I got tagged by an artist, I should tag 5 artists, and I am going to expand this to other forms of art, beyond painting.

Why these people? 'coz their blogs and comments on my blog sometimes brighten my day.

And so, I hereby tag:

Rhonda of
Rhonda's Blog - an artist of the real things in life, who also posts lyrical photographs from time to time.

Simple Blog Writer of Simple Words I Understand - a nativity scene artist, a writer, and a photographer in denial.

Blogauthor of Don't Try This at Home - a writer, a remarkable woman, and a great appreciator of art :-) (hey, she is the first person to buy my art!!).

Neil Shakespeare of Neil Shakespeare - a writer, as well as a uniquely poignant photo-collage artist.

Blueberry of Texas Oasis - a writer, a devoted Pastafarian, and a visual artist on a break, at least for now.

And, if I may add two more: Michael Bains of Silly Humans and Daniel Bruckner of Indigenous Beliefs - two writers and thinkers, who I'd really like to know more about.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

So glad you were tagged too. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit. What a diverse life you've lead so far! I really like the snowman painting and the idea of painting just to make someone else happy. How free-ing. I'm always worried that it won't be their taste, blah blah blah.... FOCUS on the joy and happiness - no worry there. Thanks.

I posted this under your comments on my blog ---- Thanks so much, Nava. Try YUPO. And try it and try it. It's a great exciting experience just to put paints together on it and watch them dance.