Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stepping Away from The Madonna

I love the gold gesso version of MistyN I did last week. I really do. And yet, I kinda felt it had a religious feel to it. To prove my suspicion, JimmyB commented, "For me, it evokes a Madonna-esque quality". WebbieM even congratulated me on entering my "religious period".


That is exactly what I did not want. I have nothing against such paintings, but it was not my intention. I wanted to capture the moment, the expression, the light... I agree the pose lends itself to Madonna-ish associations, but I want to take a road less traveled.

So, loyal to WackieM's challenge, I tossed the dice again. Came up with a yellow (Cadmium Yellow Deep), a red (Permanent Red) and a blue (Cerulean Blue). Ahhhh - an obvious color triad, AGAIN!!

"Oh no!", I exclaimed to The JohnnyB who tried to point out that I am cheating by not going with what the dice had in store for me. "No way!".

Accompanied by his look of disdain, I threw the dice again, praying for a weird color combination. . .

. . . beware what you wish for!

There it was:
- Permanent Green #1
- Cobalt Violet Light
- Douchrome Cactus Flower!!! (yup, I have such a paint tube; in my defense - for the horrified artists among you - I bought it at a moment of weakness; it looked gorgeous on the supplier's website! I am only human!!).


- - - My.

- - - - - - God.

The JohnnyB, seeing my expression, snickered "Happy now?", and went to gloat in the living room.

Well, I did say I want a wacky combo, right? so now it was time to pick up the gauntlet and the hideous combination of paints. Again, I couldn't resist the urge, and started a painting at 10:30pm, totally at loss as for what do I do with such colors!

And then I realized that when you get kicked out of your comfort zone, you just have to activate your brain, get creative, go beyond, push the envelope and other clich├ęs.

I did.

"Cactus Flower", Watercolor W/N CP Paper, 11" x 10"


Anonymous said...

Stepping away form Madonna ... and stepping towards Helen Hunt.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Hi Nava,
Consider yourself tagged! Check my blog site for the rules. Congratulations on a great website.