Sunday, June 1, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Our critique group is having an exhibit at a hi-tech company. The opportunity presented itself when someone from that company was at the gym with BearGal, they got into a conversation while being bored to death on the Stairmaster - - - and so the idea was born.

At first, I wasn't very keen on painting anything for that show, to say the least. Y'see, I used to work for that company, and, well... let's not dwell upon the past.

Then, a week ago, WebbieM emailed me about her needing to paint for that show. After I replied to her with a lengthy explanation that I am NOT going to do anything special for that place, and that the maximum I am willing to do is dig some artworks and toss it at their general direction, I thought to myself... like... we are showing at a hi-tech company... The JohnnyB is working for a hi-tech company... well - wouldn't it be fun to make a homage for his stressful time and create a piece of him in that context?

It would.

Spent hours downloading all kinds of chip-design related stuff and images (Google is a wonderful thing!), spent gallons of ink printing them, and was very happy with the pile of material I had to work with.

Then I got stuck. An essential stage in the artistic process.

On Tuesday night, came the muse. at 10pm, I chose an image of The JohnnyB which I have already done for his personal calendar, drew it on a canvas (a first! I always work on paper or matboard for collages), and started to collage, using pieces from the printed material.

My sister watched me, following the process from the start, through the stage of what-the-hell-do-I-do-now, and then went to bed.

By 2am, I was done.

Of course, it had to pass a preliminary review by The JohnnyB in the morning (as, after all, he is featured in it). He gave it a lukewarm look, filed an official complaint about his arm being too big (that's called foreshortening...) and claimed it is still unfinished. Yup, I married him for the ego boost.
I added some finishing touches with a brush, and rushed to the house of BearGal to deposit it in her trusty hands, and see if it would make it into the preview display they were about to hang that day, featuring some selected works.

And lo and behold - - - It made it in!

I guess it is finished, then.


Tracy Wandling said...

That is VERY cool! What a great concept. And maybe a little therapeutic too?

Keep those brushes wet!

Holly Van Hart said...

Very creative, with a strong message. I like it, and am not surprised that it made it in!

RHCarpenter said...

I like it! I imagine there are many employees at the company who will relate to this one :) and your husband will like it more as he gets used to it :) It's very well done.

Nava said...

Tracy, Thanks! and yes, it did serve as art therapy - I like the way you think! :-)

Holly, Thank you - it's very different than anything I did before.

Rhonda, someone emailed me that it looks as if he is drowning in work. Hmm... not so far form the truth.

Sandy Maudlin said...

I think that this is a VERY excellent piece of ART! The composition sings and the colors dance. I also love your description of the battle you went through to find it, develop it, and the honors???your honey gave it.

nortonstudio said...

I love this piece! The balance of B & W, with hints of color, and the concept. Like both subject and artist reached a point of exhaustion...