Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Show's Over

Had the big show last weekend.

Amazing, how much work is put into a show that is on display for less than two days!

You go through the process of selecting the artwork to submit, a process garnished with extreme self-criticism over the quality and its chances to make it in. (being a juried show).

You send in the photos, pay the entry fee and then spend days sweating blood and biting your fingernails over whether it will be accepted or not.

Then you get the answers, and you mat and frame your art. (not an easy task sans fingernails).

Theeeeeen you deliver it for the receiving process.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeen you hang the show ('cause you forget what a tough job it was last year, 'cause LimaB is in charge of the hanging and you want to help her, and 'cause you secretly admit to yourself that there's an immense satisfaction in that labor once it's all done). It takes 6 hours, you go home all scratched from metal frames and un-taped wire ends, swearing you'll never ever do it again.

Four hours later, you put on something presentable and try your best to look refreshed for the reception - scratches and all.

The day after, you get up early to do gallery sitting ('cause you volunteered....). Your romantic vision of spending the time chattign to art appreciators turns into a nightmarish policing due to little kids who insist on plucking seashells off a certain artwork and playing catch amongst the panels. Their parents, needless to say, don't bother to keep an eye on their unleashed offsrpings, as they are too busy themselves caressing other textural pieces or sneaking forbidden photos. You transform into a reprimanding monster, repeating the mantra "Please DO NOT touch the art". Soon enough, the word "Please" is omitted from your vocabulary. After an eternity (OK - four hours) of that kind of fun, you go home, swearing you'll never ever...

The day after, you go to pick up your artwork. Of course nothing sold - why would it? and you have a nice chocolaty handprint on your painting. you go home, swearing you'll never...

The day after, you go to drop your winning painting at the community center, where it will be on display for the next 2 months along with the other winners.

Oh yeah... I got an Honorable Mention on my "Dust to Dust" piece.

You think "hmm... maybe, after all, I will do it again next time".


Anonymous said...

It's good for artists to suffer. Congrats on the honorable mention.

Holly Van Hart said...

Nava, Dust to dust is a very expressive piece. Congratulations! Holly

Melinda said...

Great story, Nava. Ever hopeful, we artists are, yes?!

I would love to hear about the cultural chasm you mention. I'm always curious about how people negotiate a new life in a strange new place. Perhaps this could be a topic in your work.(?)

Best wishes--m

Anonymous said...

Nava- You can pat yourself on the back for being in a show. Oh, the glamour of setting up a show, no?

This saying has some merit:
"Every day is a good day for fishing, not every day is a good day for catching".

Your work speaks for itself.

RHCarpenter said...

Yes, we all must suffer for our art! And then to get an honorable mention - pretty nice, I'd say. I hope it made up for all the negatives. I know just what you mean - which is why I am not in the upcoming show for our wc group here (just couldn't face it right after a long holiday and catch-up time).

Marian Fortunati said...

Well deserved.. It's a moving piece of art!

Anonymous said...

Now the bottom of MY foot hurts - do you think painting in watercolor could cause that?

David Lobenberg said...

Ya need the need to do art cus it's a tough row to hoe and ya don't make the big bucks and sometimes ya make no bucks! Somebody's got to do it though and when all is said and done, what an uplifting way to pass the days on this here spinning orb.

Billy Joe Bob Lobenberg said...

Alright, Nava - shows over, get another piece up here for us to look at.

How is that foot? Mine is better since putting ice on it. Bet you were wondering how my foot was doing.

Nava said...

Thank you all! I was surprised and delighted to get this award.

OnPainting, I knew you'd be a good shoulder to cry on. And yes, your foot was in my thoughts the whole time. Mine is much better, thanks for asking!

Holly, thanks - I try to go for more expressiveness these days.

Melinda, welcome to my blog. the cultural chasm is probably playing a hidden role in my art. Might be too hidden, though...

Bonnie, oh yeah sure, all that glamour, paparazzi et al. Great saying!

Rhonda, I actually do like all the excitement that accompanies a show, only sometimes it gets a bit too much.

Marian, "a moving piece of art!" - now that's a compliment I'm happy to get!

David, as you so eloquently put it "Somebody's got to do it". Yeah, so w'all will continue to suffer, I reckon.

OnPainting (again), ok, OK!! man, you're tough!