Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still Here!

...actually spending time at my studio, seriously painting, and painting seriously.

Really. I am!

The upcoming show of our watercolor organizations has sent me in there in a frenzy of organizing my work areas and clearing the enormous piles of, well, stuff, that were breaking new records of mess and were miraculously balanced on every surface possible.

So, no more of that.

My table is now adorned with the happy mess of paints and brushes and water buckets and all that healthy disorder that comes with painting.

And I have two paintings in the making - I am just trying to come to a stage that they're presentable enough to be posted.

Soon. Very soon.


singleforareason said...

I love to see where artist's work, their space, their "stuff". I especially like to see it when I know you are also working there on something we'll find about it later. In due time or no time at all. Whatever. It makes me happy looking at it. That's what weeks of hysteria does to me.

bonnieluria said...

Taken note of the verification by disorderliness.
Sometimes just getting the supplies out ( and off the shelf as Bill intimated, pest that he is....)
is the first step.
Some time ago there were blog themes that called upon artists to show their lairs, their ateliers, their studios, their kitchen tables- wherever it was that the muse and artist melded.

Maybe it's time to resurrect that again.

Nava said...

Pat, indeed, at the bottom right you can see the corner of the painting I'm working on.

Bonnie, that would be a fun theme indeed - show our workspace. Hmm... think of how much tidying up we'll need to do then :-) said...

Are you putting tubes of paint directly into the water? I see lots of water but no paint on the palettes. You have a unique method going here.

Nava said...

"putting tubes of paint directly into the water"
Interesting idea, Bill, but no, I am not emptying paint tubes into the water buckets. You think I am made of money?

It's just that I don't like dried up paint, so I always squeeze fresh paint from the tube onto the mixing areas in the palette - hence the empty wells. The colorful water are merely the result of cleaning my brushes in them. I've also learned to use two separate buckets of water for cool and warm colors. It slows the graying-down.