Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nationally Exposed

The Palette Magazine is my favorite art magazine. Written by two wonderful artists, Skip Lawrence and Christopher Schink, it is aimed at helping fellow artists push the envelope . As opposed to many art magazines out there, reading it does not entail getting attacked by countless renewal leaflets, and it has zero ads. (Yup. Zero).

Each issue is dedicated to a different subject, written in a fun cynical humor of the two authors, focusing on design, color, expressiveness and everything good about art.

So, the previous issue called for artists to send their self portraits. Several of us submitted our self portraits, and awaited the verdict with bated breath. The other submitters I know got an acceptance reply very fast, while I became an obsessive compulsive clicker of the "Send/Receive" button, checking my email every day, every hour. . .

. . . after two weeks, I've had it. with trembling fingers, I typed a polite question to one of the editors, asking him whatever happened to the four images I've submitted. He replied promptly, saying he is so glad I wrote, as somehow the portraits I submitted got misdirected. He then added "I've found your 4 images and captions—exactly what I need. Good paintings. At least one of them will be in Issue #28, due out around the end of December or the first of January.".

Good news, right?

And yet - due to my natural skepticism on such matters, I thought to myself "Ah, he must be saying that to all the girls", and kept my expectations on a cautious level. You live, you get rejected, you learn.

The busy holidays season came and went. A new year has cometh, and no magazine.

Last week, WackieM told me with excitement that her well-known painting has
made the cover of the magazine (I am highly amused that she is still surprised by its success; what part of 'this is a very unique painting' is not clear?). I kept waiting. And waiting. And watching in disbelief as the postman was passing our house without approaching.

And suddenly, on Monday night, I see a message from a friend on my Facebook page, telling me how excited she was to see my painting in that magazine.

The next day, LimaB emailed me happily, informing me that mine indeed made it.
A similar email followed from MembieK.

Cool, so I'm in.

But which of my four images made it? I called her for a thorough investigation, and was ecstatic to hear that it's my collage, which is one of my favorite pieces and definitely my favorite self-portrait.

Needless to say, the magazine hasn't arrived yet to our humble premises, so it was still all a hearsay - until MembieK brought the magazine to class today (thank you Thank You THANK YOU!) and I finally got to see it with my own eyes - and document it with LumiB's lens. This is the time to mention that MembieK also has a wonderfully expressive self-portrait in this issue.

Still no sign of the magazine. I am starting to suspect that the postman is boycotting our house (no mail whatsoever for 2 days now!). So I am still waiting. Who knows, one of these days the magazine may actually appear on our doorstep (or, more likely, in the mailbox). Hope springs eternal.

Oh, for the record: the quote underneath my self-portrait (the one at the top-left), stating "I loathe my face" is not mine. It's by Francis Bacon. I happen to live with my face quite peacefully, thankyouverymuch. Don't know why they decided to juxtapose it the way they did. Better check what quote they posted under MembieK's face...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - a well deserved reward for good painting.

BTW: Perhaps your mailman is a closet watercolorist and has appropriated your magazine??


Sandy Maudlin said...

WOW! Way too cool. I'm so happy for you to have your art in such a top notch publication. Way to go!

JohnnyB said...

Who was the first one to say "I really like it!" about this self portrait!

Glad it's getting accolades!

Nava said...

Valerie, Thanks! I've started to develop this kind of paranoiac thoughts and conspiracy theories myself. but of others who didn't get this fine publication yet, so I'm still avoiding tackling the postman.

Sandy, Thank you. "Way too cool" pretty much sums it. :-)

The JohnnyB, Yes, I know it's your favorite artwork of mine. I'm also glad it got recognized.

Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations! I do hope that you get your magazine soon.

Marian Fortunati said...

Very very exciting!

Ken Goldman said...

Thank you Nava.

I wish I could find Pauolo again. He's does not know how it turned out.

Congratulations on your inclusion in the Palette magazine. You summed up the emotions of waiting very well! I can relate.

Been at this "art biz" since the 70's and nervous anticipation still remains.

Enjoyed reading back into your blog...great idea to include videos such as "doghoouse."

RHCarpenter said...

Congratulations, Nava, on the inclusion of your self-portrait. It's a great self-portrait, too. Perhaps your mail is still being held back at the P.O. - did you stop your mail when you went away? - and hasn't caught up yet. Sure hope you get it soon as I know this isn't something you can pick up at the bookstore.

Chris Beck said...

Congratulations, Nava! Very cool! But you must have the same post office I do -- I think they feel mail has to be properly "aged" before delivery. ;-D

Holly Van Hart said...

Nava, wow, that's awesome. and very well deserved. congratulations!!! Holly

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Congratulations Nava, It was fun seeing your painting in Pallet Magazine! It's an expressive and interesting portrait!

Nava said...

THANK YOU ALL for the encouragement!!

Vicki, I hope so, too.

Marian, yes, it is exciting - especially with it being my favorite.

Ken, I think part of being an artist is learning how to build the right level of anticipation without setting yourself for a heartbreak. I haven't gotten to that delicate equilibrium yet...

Rhonda, trust me - I went to the post office. Nothing was held back. So, my conspiracy theory is still intact ;-)

Chris, et tu? I'd be happy with an aged and mature mail. As long as I get it!

Holly, it does feel awesome to have a painting you love getting finally recognized.

Peggy, that was my very first attempt at collage - and I absolutely fell in love with that medium.

Anonymous said...

So very ultracool.
So cool I have to type this wearing mittens.
I've said it before, I'll say it again. You rock my world.


Rhonda said...

This is really awesome Nava. Congrats!
I'm not surprised.
I know someone else who really really loved this portrait. (my mom)

bonnieluria said...

Oh a hearty congratulations. First for surviving the suspense. Really, I think that deserves points in your conduct book.
Sheeesh that waiting can kill ya or age a girl.
But most of all, what a saucy, relaxed, self- assured self portrait.

Being published by a serious magazine is one more form of recognition and one more nudge forward in the goal to be more and paint more.

Anonymous said...

"they decided to juxtapose it the way they did"
juxtapose? did you write ths word? Nava?
I start to see how fame changes the personality :-)

Congratulation! I'm very proud for you! (about the exposure of course)

Jeani said...

Wonderful!!! I love your work!
Although I am not an art critic, I know what I like. I'm glad I have one of your paintings. said...

Going to by 5 copies for my mother.

You can't get a more sincere feedback than being included in the magazine.

Keep painting. I will look for you on the cover of American Artist.

Dar Presto said...

This is so...phavinal! That was my 'word verification' word. I think it fits. Nava, you're just phavinal! It is a great self-portrait.

Bruckner said...

Congratulations, Nava!!! It won't be long before they call you for approval of the quotes they want to print near your paintings. said...

Nava - what the devil are you doing? Let's go! said...

Did you break your painting arm?

RHCarpenter said...

Missing you!!! Hope you are well and have maybe run away with a jet-setting playboy to Aruba for a few weeks???