Sunday, February 8, 2009

Through the Fire

OK, OK, so I've been absent from the blogosphere for a while. A couple of weeks, perhpas; no - actually a whole month!

Whoa - has it really been that long?

To those of you who wonder (to the extent of emailing me or leaving concerned comments, pondering whether I have escaped to Aruba or broke my painting arm): No Caribbean escape for me, nor a broken arm. Just been going through some down time, artistically and motivationally and younameit-lly, y'know, the tortured spirit of the artist and all that. Not fun, but - it's sometimes essential to go through the fire in order to regenerate. Just call me Phoenix.

Needless to say, I haven't been painting much during that time, except for a couple of attempts that turned out, hmm... shall we say not overly presentable to my distinguished blog readers.

Even the results from our figure drawing class show my lack of inspiration.

Don't believe me?

OK then - here's my attempt at painting The JohnnyB's niece. She's this real cool teenager who's very deep into her Goth era. No, she does not have purple skin nor a flat face. Told you I'm lame these days!!

But - last week I snuck into my studio and started a major spree of tidying up and organizing and shuffling things around, which is always a good way to enhance the creative appetite and cleanse the soul.

I'll be back - hopefully sooner than later. And yeah, much better.


Anonymous said...

As my good friend has said to me " we are not Keebler elves " and we don't turn out cookies like a factory.
Some times you have to step away to recharge.

Cleaning out the studio and getting organized is a great way to wash the mental blackboard and begin again, whenever you're ready.

RHCarpenter said...

I'm glad you are back! Yes, cleaning, organizing, sorting, all those things will get you back in time. Take your time - but know that you were missed!! Isn't the blogosphere a wonderful place - sometimes you may feel like no one would notice if you just went away - but you're wrong :) -- my word verification today was halmente - I think that's a special mint for those with halitosis?

Rhonda said...

I knew you'd come back to us sooner or later.
I love it when everything is clean and tidy and fresh. I hope you are so inspired to paint into the night. Even possibly to watch the sunrise. ;)

Anonymous said...

English farmers used to leave one of their fields 'fallow' for a year. This meant they didn't plant or grow on it so that it would regenerate and enrich the soil. This was your 'fallow period' Lots going on in the depths which will take you to another level - and on to the heights.

As one who went through this last year I appreciate the effort it takes to get moving - but you have so much talent lurking around in those little grey cells that you'll have an eruption any time...and then step back and wonder!!!