Thursday, March 5, 2009

Attitude Named Wenda

There are days when you have zero motivation to go to class. The weather's gray, you are late and in a rush, morning started bad, as you went to your critique group meeting after weeks of missing it, but since you've arrived last, by the time it was your turn it was also time for the parking police to come after the money of those who did arrive in time, plus you have to rush to class. So you don't get to show your art. Which sucks, as you know it was one of those days when you'd have gotten good inputs.

Yet you make yourself go. Because it's the last session with a model. Because the model might be the legendary Crow and you don't wanna miss on him. Because you finally got a decent armband for listening your iPod while drawing. Because you know that when you really resent going, it can turn out to be a great class.

So I dragged myself into the car, loaded it with the drawing supplies (that were left at home, needless to say), and whined my way there.

But all my bitching came to a halt when I set eyes on the model.

She was all attitude, in the best way. That is, attitude and long fiery red curls.

And her name was Wenda.

And she brought accessories and different hats.

And she went for poses just long enough to capture her without overworking.

And she didn't just sit there. Oh no, she was posing with all her might, pouring her personality into it.

She was the clothed model from the dreams, and you could tell she was having fun.

So was I.

That new iPod armband?

Haven't even taken it out of my purse. Now, that's what I call inspiration.


Valerie said...

Hi, Nava: Glad you finished in a blaze of inspiration. I particularly thought the number three drawing with its unique positioning was a real 'Wow."
Will she be the base for a series?

BTW I know the feeling of the 'time out of joint' well. I've just had two days of sheer frustation wanting to get started on your computer suggestion.

Myrna said...

Well, I see you are back with a vengeance! Fantastic drawings. Inertia is the difficult part to get over. A good philosophy is "get up, dress up, show up". The rest takes care of itself. It was great to see you today, if ever so briefly.

Sandy Maudlin said...

YEAH! Great move to get there - and the results of your excitement about the day make it so good! Keep going! Great drawings.

Nava said...

Valerie, the third drawing was tons of fun. The pose wasn't that inspiring, but the way her curls surrounded her face = it just called for some walnut ink craziness. Why the frustration?

Myrna, inertia can really turn into tricky quicksand. I hope to be on time next week - with more vengeance :-)

Sandy, Thank you - great models inspire great drawings.

RHCarpenter said...

Fierce! Both the model and your capture of her personality! I see a series coming with this one - perhaps a couple of you could hire her for longer poses?

Nava said...

Rhonda, Luckily, she was very willing for us to have her photos taken. As she put it "whatever helps you". Model from the dreams indeed! said...

The inspiration shows. Next step - figure an angle to get inspired with when the model sucks.

bonnieluria said...

Oooh these are as sassy as the model appears to have been.
It was perfectly timed to kick start that creative slug fest.
Bill is right too- it's the subjects that don't inspire that really test the muse.

I really like the way you capture essence with minimal lines.

Rhonda said...

I like the title. :)
Attitude sums it up.
Great work Nava!

Blueberry said...

Those are wonderful! Love them in that ink color too.

Nava said...

Bill, ahhhh, now you just had to come up with a challenge, didn't you!?

Bonnie, et tu? I'm sure we'll get an uninspiring model to test my creativity and patience.

Rhonda, thanks - I was wondering if someone would get the title.

Blueberry, walnut ink somehow makes everything look better.