Saturday, March 28, 2009

Virtually Awarded

In the midst of my diligent and dedicated procrastination (see previous post), I got a comment from Rhonda Carpenter, who's blog Watercolors and Words I visit frequently. Rhonda is one of those fellow artist bloggers who, at times of my not-in-the-painting-mood, kicks my butt via email and comments till I get back into my studio.

Funny, but before I started blogging, I've never met anyone named Rhonda, and now I know two Rhondas (OK, I guess they've never knew someone named Nava either), and I'd love to meet them some day for real, as their warm caring personality shines through their blogs.

Rhonda is one of those artists who will try anything, a trait that appeals to me a lot as her work is always a surprise and a feast to the eyes.


When I went to visit her blog, I found this fun surprise awaiting me patiently. There's a blog award going around, and as it happens, Rhonda has decided that I am amongst those who deserve it.

Which is absolutely cool and encouraging and flattering and a great compliment and exciting and such a vote of confidence, and.... it also forces me to abide by its name and show that my passion for painting exceeds my inherent passion for procrastinating.

Told ya she's kicking my butt!


As all blog awards, this award requires that I write down seven things I am passionate about, and then choose seven artists to pass it along to.

OK then...

1. Art (now that was a surprise...)

2. Writing.

3. People. (from family and friends to total strangers that I photograph and/or paint).

4. Justice and fairness. It's naive, it set me up for a lot of disappointments,and yet...

5. Food. Yup. I love food. There, I said it.

6. Sights and smells of the seasons.

7. Everything purple.

Now, seven artist bloggers - and that is tricky, as I've already gotten a virtual award which I passed on, so I am going to avoid using the same pool of artists.

So here they are, in a complete random order, a mix of virtual and in-the-flesh fellow artists:

Bonnie Luria of
St. Croix-nicity
Bonnie is an artist living in the beautiful island of Saint Croix. She paints mostly figures, portraying the island life, and I love her use of color, her loose style and the energy that's bursting through her canvases.

Jen Norton of
Jen Norton Art Studio
It was said on Jen that English is her second language, 'cause color is her first. Jen has the Midas touch when it comes to color and shapes and fun, which goes well with her personality.

Lisa Towers and W. R. Jones of
On Painting
Lisa and Bill share a blog that not only has great paintings and drawings, but is one of the funniest and most outrageous out there, as each of them has a unique writing and painting style.

Ketra Oberlander of
Art of Possibility Studios
Ketra began painting at 40 after losing her sight to a rare genetic condition. What she does with color makes me turn green with envy, and I don't look good in green. Ketra is a fellow artist, a friend, and also the founder of Art of Possibility Studios, the only art licensing agency exclusively representing physically disabled artists.

Holly Van Hart of
Latest Paintings by Holly Van Hart
Holly is an artist whose productivity puts me to shame. I got to know her through our watercolor society. She quickly transformed to oils, and is one of those artists who can take pretty much any subject and any medium and do their magic, be it a landscape, an abstract or a figure. She is a master in using limited palettes and unique color combinations, and - I get to see her work face to face once a month. Yay!

Dar Presto of
Dar's theme is mostly still lifes in oil (is it still lifes or still lives? I never know!). I personally am not big on still lifes (or lives!), but Dar has a way to put so much personality into what she paints, that her paintings look like portraits of the daily objects. She can tell a fascinating story with three Hershey kisses or with one lonesome pineapple.

Pat Coakley of
Single for a Reason
OK, Pat is actually a photographer, but wait!! her photographs are so incredibly lyrical, that she literally paints with her camera.

Whew. That wasn't easy.

And - ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention for one more moment: note that I haven't procrastinated on this task. I can feel those endorphies flowing!


RHCarpenter said...

I am so glad this kicked you into gear!! And I hope that collage is coming along - think I'll start one this weekend, too. Thanks to your list, I now have some new artists to check out...

Ketra Oberlander said...

I'm going to check out the other six nominees. I'm a much better artist than I am a blogger, that's for sure! I just never have much interesting to say. Or maybe I do, but it's so infrequently it's hard to remember to write it down.

Holly Van Hart said...

Nava, I'm honored. Thank you!! It's also been an honor to grow with you through our critique group, and to get to know you better. Rhonda's right - keep painting! Holly

nortonstudio said...

Thanks for including me in your group! One of these days, I'll actually keep up with blogging...maybe when my daughter is old enough to do it for me!

Dar Presto said...

I feel honored and encouraged. I appreciate the support. You're a very cool virtual neighbor, Nava, and I admire your passion for painting!

bonnieluria said...

Nava- thanks so much for your wonderful mention and award.
Nothing gets us going like a pat on the head and a virtual bone.

PS- I need to mention how I like your banner heading on your blog. Those watchful expressive eyes make you want to come in and see more......

onpainting said...

Geez Nava, now we HAVE to be funny.

Are we suppose to do anything else? How does this virtual award work? Is there a virtual ceremony where you can wear a virtual gown and give a virtual speech? I'll be there cyber-dude.


Nava said...

Rhonda, you can definitely get the Butt Kicker award :-)

Ketra, well, maybe that would kick you to put down your interesting thoughts.

Holly, I'm trying... I really am!

Jen, child exploitation, ha?

Dar, if my passion for painting wasn't masked with my greater passion for procrastination, it would have been better.

Bonnie, do feel free to pass along that virtual bone. Thanks for the comment on the banner - I'm a sucker for eyes.

Lisa, yeah, now you really need to be funny. That was the conspiracy!! pass the award along to seven of your favorite artist-bloggers, and list down 7 things you're passionate about. So, what gown are you wearing for your virtual ceremony?

singleforareason said...

Nava! How generous of you to shine a little light on chezshinglefor areason. And, for how you described what I do-- as Bonnie says, pats on the head feel 'berry, 'berry nice!

My photoblog template is very restrictive and I can't put up any widgets or blogrolls but I shall try and highlight some artists I enjoy in the coming weeks to share the light you've given to us. said...

Just dropped by to see what you are painting and to say hi. Thanks for the award. I will let Lisa take care of it.