Sunday, April 19, 2009

Acrylics Alert!

Haven't disappeared. Just took a break, turned 46, and - actually been painting.

The kind of painting that takes forever.

No, it's not the procrastinated commission (the deadline is June-ish, so of course I am doing everything I can to not do it yet...). Been working on a new painting that was marinating in my mind for a while; a new style, new medium, new support - and it's having countless iterations.

When I brought it to the two critique groups I belong to, there was a multi-shock effect by me working in acrylics (Nava? Acrylics?) on a relatively nice-sized (Nava?? Big??) canvas (Nava??? Canvas???) with relatively cheery colors (OK, you get the idea...).

There is something very freeing in trying somethign new. Plus, after almost 2 years of intentionally avoiding the use of purely line (I was forcing myself to learn more about shapes), it feels sooooooooooooo good to be back in my comfort zone and play with line like there's no tomorrow.

So - here it is, acrylic on canvas, 24"x24" (hey, stop snickering! To me, that IS big!).
Not yet titled, still unfinished, yet to be reworked and metamorphose until I'm happy with it. You are more than likely to see it again in its next stage.

It seems to stir up some serious emotional responses - I wonder what's yours.

Acrylics (yes, me!) on Canvas (yes!!)


Anonymous said...

Nava- OY OY OY, we indeed are on a separated at birth of painting parallel!
You've filled this piece with so much emotion and as well, some really fine draftsmanship.
It reminds me of the scratch paintings from school days.

In between, I'm inserting Happy Birthday wishes.

Trying new mediums and new sizes ( 24 X 24 is big to me too ) is good for stretching yourself and keeps you from falling into the formula of painting.

I'm still startled at the similarity of poses of this piece and the one I did.

Shall we consider introducing them and making a shiddach? ( I'm sure I've misspelled it but you get it...)

Glad to see you back-I've been looking.

Sandy Maudlin said...

You have been painting...MASTERPIECES! Love the impact and depth of this piece. Intensely emotional and compelling... and good luck with that dreaded commission.

Anonymous said...

I love him, and your brand new style - and empathize with his sadness! You can't improve him,but it will be interesting to see where you take him!!


רינת said...

טרם הספיקותי לעיין אבל הציור - מהמם!!! כאילו רקמת אותו: איזו טקסטורה!!!

Blueberry said...

He expresses my feelings about this economic crisis. I feel like bringing him a Tylenol and a glass of water.

You are doing great with acrylics! I always found them to be too difficult.

Nava said...

Thank you all!!

Bonnie, oy Oy OY and shiddach - um... I don't speak Yiddish. Hebrew would be most welcome :-) Yes, I do suspect we got separated at birth, or at least our brushes did. Not sure about getting my guy ad your gal together - they might drag each other even lower...

Sandy, This piece is still in the working, and it's a fun struggle to get it where I want.

Valerie, I too wonder where I will take him. That's the fun - not knowing how and where it will end up. I'm enjoying the scenic road.

רינת, העובדה שזה נראה לך כמו רקמה - זו מחמאה של ממש ממך.

Blueberry, Indeed, among LimaB and Valerie, he is fondly known as "Advil Guy". Advil, not Tylenol. Liquid gel, of course. Two please.

Holly Van Hart said...

Happy birthday Nava! I like this latest incarnation. is it time to call him done?

Nava said...

Holly thanks, but alas - no rest for the wicked. He is not done yet. The FALC critique has made me think and he is now back into the iterations cycle... said...

Nice drawing - he does look like a soul mate for Bonnie's piece.